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Diseo De Elementos De Maquinas   Con 1 Cd Robert L. Mott

Diseo De Elementos De Maquinas Con 1 Cd

Robert L. Mott

ISBN : 9789702608127
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 About the Book 

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design provides a practical approach to designing machine elements in the context of complete mechanical designs. Extensive updating for the fourth edition includes new photographs of commercially available machine components, new design data for some elements, new or revised standards, new end-of-chapter references, and listings of Internet sites.Strengths of this text include: The three-part structure that was introduced in the third edition has been maintained. Part I focuses on reviewing and upgrading readers understanding of design philosophies, the principles of strength of materials, the design properties of materials, combined stresses, design for different types of loading, and the analysis and design of columns. Part II is organized around the design of a complete power transmission system, emphasizing the interrelationships among machine elements in addition to their unique characteristics. Included are belt drives, chain drives, gears, shafts, keys, couplings, seals, rolling contact bearings, and completion of the design of a power transmission. Part III presents methods of analysis and design of plain surface bearings, linear motion elements, fasteners, springs, machine frames, bolted connections, welded joints, electric motors, controls, clutches, and brakes. A CD-ROM for the mechanical design software MDESIGN is included with each book. This powerful software enables users to quickly complete the design of many of the machine elements discussed in the book. Extensive lists of Internet sites and references at the end of eachchapter assist readers in accessing additional information about the concepts presented in this book and in finding data for commercially available products that can be applied to designs. Computer spreadsheets facilitate the design and analysis of many machine elements. The Big Picture, You Are the Designer, and Objectives features help readers draw on their own experiences and appreciate what competencies they will acquire from the study of each chapter.