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As Jóias da Castafiore (As Aventuras de Tintin, #21) Hergé

As Jóias da Castafiore (As Aventuras de Tintin, #21)


62 pages
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 About the Book 

Jess, my 8-year old little girl, gives it 5 stars.Comments while reading:1. Captain Haddock is bad with kids. Why did he say “KILIKILIKILI” to that little girl and scared her off?2. What are Gypsies? Why do people in Europe don’t like them?3. I think it’s very bad to make the Gypsies stay in the rubbish dump. Captain Haddock is very good to let them camp on his land.4. How come that every time anyone call Cutts the butcher, they get Marlinspike instead? I’m glad that our phone isn’t like that.5. Mr. Jolyon is an insurance agent. I know what insurance is. It means that if anything that you own is broken or lost, the insurance man will give you money to buy a new one. What? Do you have to pay them money too? I didn’t know that.6. Is Castafiore very rich and famous? I think she’s kind of spoiled and not very nice.7. I like Tintin because he’s good and smart, but I don’t like Mike because he’s always snooping around.8. This book is very funny! Things that make me laugh:- Iago the parrot saying “Helloo, I can hear you” when Captain Haddock was talking to the police chief on the phone, and the police chief got annoyed because he thought that Captain Haddock was teasing him. Anything with Iago and Captain Haddock is funny!- Captain Haddock calling that lady “nanny goat”.- Castafiore calling Captain Haddock funny names because she couldn’t remember his real name. She always calls him silly names like “Halibut”, “Hammock”, “Paddock” and “Stopcock”.- Professor Calculus thinking that Castafiore was a painter, instead of an opera singer. He’s so deaf!- The weird pictures that Calculus’ TV made --- doesn’t he know that somebody had invented color TV before?9. Thompson and Thomson are so stupid! How could they be detectives if they’re that silly?10. Snowy finds the emerald and saves the day!